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30ML Bacteriostatic Water – 100 VIALS AT 50 PERCENT OFF


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Bacteriostatic water is non-pyrogenic sterile water for chemical diluent.  0.9% benzyl alcohol used to dilute or dissolve drugs prior to research. Bacteriostatic water, which contains 0.9% (9 mg/mL) of benzyl alcohol added as a bacteriostatic preservative. Benzyl alcohol, is safe to us and is naturally made by many plants and is commonly found in fruits, teas and essential oils like jasmine. The average pH level is 5.7 (4.5 to 7.0) and is safely packaged in a fabricated semi-rigid vial specially formulated with copolymer of ethylene and propylene. The safety of the plastic has been confirmed by tests in animals according to USP biological standards for plastic containers. The container requires no vapor barrier to maintain the proper label volume. This product is not to be used in neonates.

Bacteriostatic Water is packaged in a multi-use 30 ml Flip-top plastic vial.

Warnings: This product is not meant for human consumption or ingestion, it is meant to reconstitute chemicals for research purpose only.

For best results: Store at 20 to 25 degrees Celsius (68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit). 2 Year shelf-life from purchase date.

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