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What is Toremifene? Research Information

Product information:

  • Molecular formula – C32H36ClNO8
  • Molecular weight – 598.1 g/mol

Other names:

  • Fareston
  • 89778-27-8
  • FC 1157a
  • NK 622
  • NSC 613680
  • 2498Y783QT
  • Fareston
  • Acapodene

Discovery of Toremifene citrate:

In the year 1997, Toremifene was first used for different medical purposes. Toremifene Citrate was the first ant-estrogen drug which was introduced after the discovery of tamoxifen in the year 1978. It comes under the category of generic medicine and is also sold as a generic drug in the US.

Mechanism of action:

Toremifene is the derivative of non-steroidal triphenylethylene. Toremifene citrate tends to bind to the estrogen receptors to exert antiestrogenic and estrogenic effects as well. Toremifene Citrate can exert these effects depending upon different factors such as targeted organs, gender of the patient, animal species, treatment duration, and selected endpoints.

The antitumor effects of toremifene citrate in the case of breast cancer are thought to be due to its antiestrogenic properties. In these effects, Toremifene Citrate competes with the binding sites of estrogen in cancer which blocks the growth-stimulating effects of the estrogen in that specific tumor. Moreover, Toremifene can also inhibit the growth of tumors through different other mechanisms such as apoptosis induction, oncogene expression regulation, and different growth factors inhibition.

Clinical applications:

Breast cancer treatment:

Endocrine therapy is the backbone of estrogen-dependent breast cancer medical treatment. The discovery of the SERMs proved to be a revolutionary advancement in the treatment of cancers specifically breast cancer. Toremifene has a metabolic pathway and pharmacokinetic profile, which is different from that of tamoxifen to provide a therapeutic advantage in different cases. In comparison to the other SERMs, Toremifene has more safety and efficacy profile to benefit the patients. The tolerability of Toremifene is somehow similar to that of tamoxifen but it is less likely to cause side effects such as different vascular events and uterine neoplasms.

Toremifene and bodybuilding:

In bodybuilders, Toremifene is famous for treating gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is the increase in the tissue of breasts in men which can be due to an imbalance of hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. Toremifene has a good gynecomastia-fighting capability. Toremifene causes a programmed death of the breast cancer cells which is beneficial for anticancer properties. Moreover, it can also help in treating the existing gynecomastia by inhibiting the stimulation and activity of estrogen, which may increase breast tissue.


The information provided about Toremifene in this section is only for research advancement and disbursement of knowledge. The material collected in this article is meant for informational purposes about Toremifene Citrate. It is not to be considered instructional in any way. Moreover, we have further empathized with this by making sure no dosage information of Toremifene or recommendations about its way of consumption is mentioned. The information available in this article is a collection from different recognized studies and researches conducted by known experts and researchers in controlled medical facilities and institutions. Furthermore, the information provided in the article is not to encourage the reader to start its consumption or as an advertisement of the product. Administering any supplement or medication not FDA approved may be harmful and may cause serious illness.  Peptide Pros insist that none of their products be ingested under any circumstances.


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