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What is SR9009? Research Information

Product information:

Other names:

  • 1379686-30-2
  • CHEMBL1961796
  • 1-Pyrrolidinecarboxylic acid, 3-((((4-chlorophenyl)methyl)((5-nitro-2-thienyl)methyl)amino)methyl)-, ethyl ester
  • Stenabolic (SR9009)
  • REV-ERB Agonist II
  • 1-pyrrolidinecarboxylic acid, 3-[[[(4-chlorophenyl)methyl][(5-nitro-2-thienyl)methyl]amino]methyl]-, ethyl ester
  • GTPL8901
  • BCP16215
  • EX-A726
  • BDBM50366238
  • NSC810521
  • MFCD29472236

Discovery of SR9009:

The human body’s biological clock helps in synchronizing the physiology and the behavior of the body with the 24-hours rotation of Earth. A slight disturbance in the wake-sleep cycle can cause problems or imbalances with the biological clock or circadian rhythms.

In the early 21st century, a drug was found to regulate the body’s circadian rhythm. SR9009 is sometimes misunderstood as the derivative or alternative of the SARMs, but it was a REV-ERB drug invented for regulating the circadian rhythm.

Mechanism of Action:

SR9009 belongs to one of the compounds which were developed by the TSRI. This drug tends to bind to the Rev-Erba, which is a natural protein present in the body to influence the glucose and lipid metabolism in the liver. Moreover, it also affects the body’s inflammatory responses and fat-storage cells. Through binding of this drug to the Rev-Erba, SR9009 can easily start the metabolism to enhance muscle strength. This drug helps in the transformation of muscles into muscles, which gives an appearance of muscle gained through exercise.

Clinical applications:

Fat loss:

SR9009 is the best drug for fat loss. If you are hitting the gym, you need to eliminate the fatty diet from your daily life intake.

The fat loss through the consumption of SR9009 is through the three significant ways:

  • Increased metabolism of glucose – SR9009 helps in influencing the glucose metabolism in the liver. This mechanism results in the more absorption of glucose by the skeletal muscles instead of it being stored as the fat
  • Increased metabolism of calories – SR9009 allows the metabolism of the calories entering the body through the diet. It doesn’t only decrease the storage of the fat but also utilizes the already stored fat in the body
  • Improvement in the basal metabolic rateSR9009 is capable of making the body respond as if it were in a constant exercise state. Even without any engagement in the extraneous physical activity, SR9009 can significantly improve the metabolism

Inflammation reduction:

Inflammation is one of the most common responses of the body to any external factor. Even in the case of exercise, the body can undergo inflammation or soreness. After taking the SR9009, you can significantly reduce the occurrence of inflammatory events in the body. SR9009 helps in amplifying the elimination of used or worn mitochondria. Moreover, it also stimulates the synthesis of newly formed mitochondria. Moreover, it helps in reducing the pain after intense or strenuous exercises.

Other medical applications of SR9009 are for treating obesity, diabetes-type-2, sarcopenia, and cholesterol-related conditions.


The information provided about SR9009 in this section is only for research advancement and disbursement of knowledge. The material collected in this article is meant for informational purposes about SR9009. It is not to be considered instructional in any way. Moreover, we have further empathized with this by making sure no dosage information of SR9009 or recommendations about its way of consumption is mentioned. The information available in this article is a collection from different recognized studies and researches conducted by known experts and researchers in controlled medical facilities and institutions. Furthermore, the information provided in the article is not to encourage the reader to start its consumption or as an advertisement of the product. Administering any supplement or medication not FDA approved may be harmful and may cause serious illness.  Peptide Pros insist that none of their products be ingested under any circumstances.


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