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What is Cardarine / GW-501516 Research Information

Chemical formulaC21H18F3NO3S2

Sequencing – CC1=CC(SCC2=C(C)N=C(C3=CC=C(C(F)(sF) F)C=C3)S2)=CC=C1OCC(O)=O

The recommended temperature for storage – -20oC

Other names:

  • GW 1516 sulfoxide
  • GW 501516 sulfoxide
  • GW-1516 sulfoxide
  • Endurobol sulfoxide
  • Cardarine
  • PPARδ receptor agonist
Gw501516 / Cardarine Molecule Structure

Discovery of Cardarine:

Cardarine or GW-501516 was invented as a result of collaboration between GlaxoSmithKline and Ligand Pharmaceuticals in the year 1990. Cardarine entered clinical development as an appropriate drug candidate for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. In the year 2007, research publications showed dramatic improvement in the physical performance of the animals, which were given high dosages of the Cardarine.

Mechanism of action:

Cardarine is the significant PRAR receptor agonist. This drug binds to the PRAR-receptors for triggering the different biological responses in the body.

The exact mechanism of action for Cardarine is its property to the bind with the PRARδ receptors as:

  • It helps in increasing muscular oxidative capacity, which causes more fat loss and a greater boost for the body’s endurance levels
  • According to the clinical suggestions, Cardarine also aids in boosting the sensitivity to insulin that works on the specific insulin receptors
  • Another action of the Cardarine is the mobilization of free fatty acids in the body to switch the energy source of the body
  • Glucose suppression means that the body’s energy source switches from glucose to fats. Through this energy shift, Cardarine aids in fat loss and lean body mass gain

Clinical applications of Cardarine (GW-501516):

Fat loss:

The first indication of Cardarine is fat loss or fat-burning. A specific receptor as PPAR-delta helps activate the several genes that have their involvement in increasing energy utilization and fat burning.

According to one study, Cardarine helps in decreasing the concentration of VLDL proteins, fatty acids, and triglycerides. Cardarine also has a strong association with the increase in HDL (good cholesterol).

Cardiovascular health benefits:

Other than lowering cholesterol levels, GW-501516 can have a more direct influence on the blood vessels. Cardarine prevents oxidative blood vessels damage resulting in decreased plaque in the vessels. Cardarine also helps in increasing the VEGF for generating new blood vessels to compensate for the ischemic events in the cardiac muscles and vasculature. Furthermore, inflammation and stress on the cardiac muscles and vessels are also preventable via GW-501516.

Anti-oxidation and anti-inflammation:

Generally, PRAR-delta activation helps in suppressing the events of inflammation in the body. By activating PRAR delta, Cardarine can aid in reducing the inflammation of the liver, as per animal studies. Cardarine can also reduce inflammatory markers as  NFκB, IL-6, MCP-1, and TNF-alpha.

The potent antioxidant properties of cardarine are through the production of catalase and SOD1 enzymes.


The information provided about GW-501516 in this section is only for the purpose of research advancement and disbursement of knowledge. The material collected in this article is meant for informational purposes about GW-501516 and is not to be considered instructional in any way. Moreover, we have further empathized with this by making sure no dosage information of GW-501516 or recommendations about its way of consumption are mentioned. The information available in this article is a collection from different recognized studies and researches conducted by known experts and researchers in controlled medical facilities and institutions. Furthermore, the information provided in the article is not to encourage the reader to start its consumption or as an advertisement of the product. Administering any supplement or medication not FDA approved may be harmful and may cause serious illness.  Peptide Pros insist that none of their products be ingested under any circumstances.


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