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Molecular formula C50H69N15O9
Molar mass 1024.180

3D model of Melanotan-II


Very first found out at the University of Arizona as an endogenous hormone created to promote the body’s pigment tissues (melanin) through increasing or resembling the natural a-MSH produced in the physical body. They properly developed a peptide that was 1,000 times more powerful than the all-natural a-MSH in the physical body. Initially referred to as Melanotan, after that Melanotan 1, and also later on Melanotan 2. Researchers wanted to utilize this peptide to stop cancer malignancy (cancer) by lessening the system’s necessity for exposure to sun and also the damaging rays so as to get a tan. They likewise assumed it may assist individuals who’s actual skin is reasonable or lower in natural melanin, thereby potentially guarding them versus sunshine damage (sunburn/cancer).


An Pilot Stage I scientific test facilitated on three men by the College of Medicine, Pharmacology Division, University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona released in 1996 stated that, “Melanotan II has tanning activity in humans given only 5 low doses every other day by subcutaneous injection” The negative effects stated were mild nausea as well as a “stretching and yawning complex” that associated with casual penile erections. [1.]

The Department of Pharmacology, University of Arizona University of Medication released a research in 1998 that involved ten men which had to deal with psychogenic erectile dysfunction. Their trial confirmed that, “Melanotan-II is a potent initiator of erections in men with psychogenic erectile dysfunction and has manageable side effects at a dose of 0.025 mg./kg.”[2.]

A clinical report released in 2000 of TWENTY guys along with psychogenic and natural erectile disorder conducted at the Segment of Urology of The University of Arizona College of Medicine ended, “that Melanotan II is a potent initiator of penile erection in men with erectile dysfunction.” [3.]

Melanotan 2 Clinical Trials

Research Scientist working with modern computer interface in Melanotan Clinical Studies


Dorr RT, Lines R, Levine N, et al. (1996). “Evaluation of melanotan-II, a superpotent cyclic melanotropic peptide in a pilot phase-I clinical study”. Life Sci.58 (20): 1777–84. doi:10.1016/0024-3205(96)00160-9. PMID 8637402.

Wessells H, Fuciarelli K, Hansen J, et al. (Aug 1998). “Synthetic melanotropic peptide initiates erections in men with psychogenic erectile dysfunction: double-blind, placebo controlled crossover study”. J Urol. 160 (2): 389–93. doi:10.1016/S0022-5347(01)62903-3. PMID 9679884.

Wessells H, Levine N, Hadley ME, Dorr R, Hruby V (Oct 2000). “Melanocortin receptor agonists, penile erection, and sexual motivation: human studies with Melanotan II”. Int J Impot Res. 12 (Suppl 4): S74–9. doi:10.1038/sj.ijir.3900582.PMID 11035391


In numerous case studies conducted involving animals (and when approved humans), the following occurrences were observed.  Increased libido in most test subjects (male and female), increased melanin and tan (thought to be protective against the sun’s harmful rays).


According to a medical report that has been based on animal test subjects, melanin release is typically started with the visibility of ultraviolet beams. When this select secretion takes place, this is chiefly introduced upon the skin. This is a procedure that is technically referred to as melanogenesis. When melanogensis takes place, it functions as an organic means of security from UV rays and its own inherent harmfulness.

When exposed to sunlight, the body starts producing more of alpha-MSH, but there are subjects who do not produce enough of this or whose melanocytes don’t attract enough of alpha-MSH, thus reducing the ability to handle the prolonged exposure to the sun. Typically during tanning, the melanocytes are activated by alpha-MSH and triggered to produce more melanin, which results in a darkened skin.

Initially, researchers injected the naturally occurring α-MSH into subjects and although the results were slightly positive, they found that its short half-life made it impractical to use; therefore the team had to search for a more stable alternative.

After a lot of hard work, researchers at the university found a peptide α-MSH that was a lot more powerful than the natural α-MSH (up to 1,000 times). They called this Melanotan 1 and a little later developed another analog—Melanotan II.

The research was perhaps prompted by a desire to increase the body defense against skin cancer. The knowledge that melanin when activated could produce as a byproduct a deeper tan without exposure to UV radiation, and that this could in theory reduce skin cancer rates, was the beginning of further studies.

Ultimately, the procedure works as a way of securing the laboratory test subjects from a wide array of skin afflictions as well as afflictions that may be caused by extended exposure to UV rays. Largely, this would indicate a defense mechanism from different forms of skin cancers cells. But scientific research study conducted on subjects examined has established that the fifty percent life of the α-MSH hormone is actually quick in its own attributes– it has been actually established to last only a few mins. Hence, the hormone’s ability to create melanin and also introduce the defensive procedures of melanogenesis is actually extremely short.

Having said that, these researchers have actually gone on to find out that Melatonan 2’s overall functions can trigger a stretching of the bodily hormone’s brief half-life. Scientific research study has actually kept in mind that the total performance relating to Melatonan 2 has been presented to become far more reliable when the existence of UV radiations has been more of an actual component of the study’s procedure.


The primary feature of Melatonan 2 may be tied to the pituitary gland; the very small gland located below the hypothalamus gland at the foundation of the brain whose principal reason is to handle as well as moderate several of animal test subject’s bodily hormone system-related processes, featuring development, rate of metabolism, temperature control, and a lot more. Exclusively, technical reports that have been actually based on animal test subjects have established that Melatonan 2 works in combination along with a pituitary gland-based expression α-MSH, which is an abbreviation for alpha-melanocyte stimulating bodily hormone. Fundamentally, this articulation is actually charged with the requirement and also management of skin and also hair pigment; this procedure is actually done through the bodily hormone known as melanin.


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The info provided herein is strictly for the advancement of research and disbursement of knowledge relating to Melanotan 2.  It is meant solely for any qualified researchers looking to find potential applications or possible health benefits yet to be discovered for Melanotan 2.   This post is meant for informational use only and is in no way considered instructional, in fact, no dosage or other similar information is provided.  The facts contained herein have been gathered from various studies and tests conducted in sanctioned and/or controlled medical research facilities, Universities and laboratories, using in-vitro techniques or when approved animal and human subjects.  However, due to the fact that this peptide is not approved for human consumption, we emphatically state that you should gain the necessary legal approvals prior to conducting any research on animals or humans.  The following information is meant ONLY to share results from certified tests with other qualified researchers to further the understanding of this peptide.  This post is not to be construed as an advertisement or inducement to ingest this product.  Peptide Pros is opposed to the use of peptides for recreational or cosmetic use unless otherwise approved by the FDA or a similar governing body designated to do so.

Top 7 Myths About Peptides


The purpose of this article is not to promote the recreational use of peptides, rather to debunk with facts some misconceived notions surrounding them.  Also, to raise awareness of the mainstream media’s desire to sell newspapers, gain website traffic or viewership by using racy headlines and inflammatory articles, over the need to unbiasedly educate the general populace.

  • Peptides Are Dangerous And Possibly Deadly – There is NO scientific or even ancillary evidence that supports this assertion. Unfortunately, news organizations get higher readership from headlines such as “Illegal Peptides May Be Fatal” than headlines like “Peptides May Help Millions of People”. In fact, there have been dozens of studies performed worldwide involving peptides and the worst known side effects when ingested by human participants were nausea, flushing, fever, increased libido and intense erections.  That doesn’t sound deadly, unless you ‘re a girl on the receiving end of that side effect.
  • A Woman Died in a Tanning Bed After Using MT-2 – This story is TRUE! Well, sort of… A woman did die in a tanning bed in England and yes authorities found she had Melanotan 2 in her system.  However, the autopsy revealed that she died from heart failure linked to obesity.  Also, that visit was her third visit in three days to the tanning bed (Sunbed death not linked to banned tanning jabs, n.d.).  Melanotan 2 had NOTHING to do with her unfortunate demise; it was merely a coincidence.  As a matter of fact, there was a recorded case (, n.d.) of a gentleman ingesting ten to twenty times the amount used in case studies and he did become slightly ill suffering nausea, vomiting and sympathomimetic excess and rhabdomyolysis.  He went to the hospital and after an I.V. treatment was released 3 days later.  According to the NCBI report, he also tested positive for opiates in his system so determining the cause of illness is impossible. Matter of fact, If you take ten-twenty times the dose of just about any over the counter drug, I imagine you’d experience similar illness or far worse.  Take 40 Aspirin and see how your stomach lining fairs.
  • Peptides Must Be Refrigerated At All Times – Most peptides are sold in a lyophilized state (that is simply a fancy word for freeze dried). In this state, they are presumed stable for up to approximately two years.  Once the peptide is reconstituted (that’s a fancy word for mixed with water or a sterile solution of some sort) then the mixture begins to breakdown and it is recommended the peptide be refrigerated to help maintain its chemical structure.  It’s said that once refrigerated the peptide will retain its integrity for up to 6 months.  Therefor refrigeration is recommended once reconstituted but unnecessary prior.

lyophilized vials MT-2


  • Mannitol Is Bad Or Is A Sign Of Low Quality Peptides – Not True and not sure how this rumor got started. Perhaps because when ingested in fairly large quantities it may cause diarrhea.  Or because of its appearance it’s a popular substance to cut illegal drugs like cocaine.  (Sorbitol vs. Mannitol, n.d.)Mannitol is a sugar substitute manufactured from fructose of corn starch and is used only to give the appearance of more substance in a vial.  That’s it.  I suppose if unscrupulous companies are making fake peptides and using mannitol as a substitute, then that is obviously bad.  Most labs however, add it to peptides that are under 5 mg to give them a look of having a little more in the vial, WITHOUT negatively altering the actual amount of the peptide.  Otherwise the vial looks so empty some researchers may be under the assumption they have been ripped off.  Also, the addition of sucrose or mannitol has been known to help stabilize the peptide (, n.d.)
  • They’re Unapproved Or Banned Worldwide – Truth is many peptides have been approved and are currently available by prescription in many countries including Australia, Italy and Switzerland that have recognized their potential for a variety of applications. Other countries including the US have granted Phase III approval (, n.d.) for testing of many peptides and it would seem it’s only a matter of time before they gain approval.

World Wide Melanotan 2

  • Peptides Are Not FDA Approved Therefore They Are Unsafe – Well, there is some truth to this, if they’re not FDA approved, then perhaps there is a safety concern involving the use of peptides. Furthermore, and just as important, in the US the ingestion of peptides are illegal due to the fact they are considered drugs and there is still a need for more tests to exam their long term effects on humans.  Having said that, consider that most of the supplements in your local big name supplement store are not FDA approved but they’re protected under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994. Therefore millions of Americans ingest products that are NOT FDA approved and seem to gain benefits from such products, myself included.  It’s estimated that the supplement business is a 35 billion dollar a year business.  Seems as though a lot of people are ingesting things not approved by the FDA and not dropping dead.
  • Nasal Sprays Are An Alternative Method Of Administering Melanotan 2 – When trying to get a drug approved, it is estimated that about 90% of all drugs don’t make it due to safety risks, side effects, lack of funding, miniscule potential for profitability, etc. Peptides in general are considered to be poor drug candidates for FDA approval due to their low oral bioavailability and their lack of potential profits (Vlieghe, Lisowski, Martinez, & Khrestchatisky, n.d.).  Therefore alternative methods of administering the drugs have been explored in hopes of a more acceptable means rather than injecting.  In this endeavor, scientist created a nasal spray of Melanotan 2 for this purpose.  However, after studies were performed, it was determined that the particles of the peptide were too large to be properly absorbed through the membranes in the nasal passage rendering the drug ineffectual.  Also, due to the method of ingestion, increased blood pressure and heart rate was observed in most candidates.   This was not the case with candidates from the injected trials.  Therefor the nasal sprays have been abandoned and sites selling them online should be avoided.

Nothing in this article is meant to be construed as legal advice nor is it an advertisement or promotion of any kind to recreationally ingest peptides.  Peptides are still not FDA approved in the US and therefore it is illegal to ingest them.  Any opinions provided here are for informational purposes only.

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