Peptide Pros Announces Verified Reviews Through The Yotpo Platform

Miami Beach, FL – Yotpo , a partner of GoDaddy (read press release here ) and one of the leading online ecommerce review solutions for small businesses has been handling the reviews of Peptide Pros’ clients. Their service allows for transparency between new buyers and verified actual customers of Peptide Pros. The service was a perfect way to highlight the massive positive feedback Peptide Pros was receiving from its customers.

“We also believed in the Yotpo platform and the credibility it brings to our site, as well as the confidence it brings to our potential customers. I can’t think of a better way for new customers to feel secure about a purchase, then reading hundreds of verified positive reviewsabout that product or company.” – Robert Alotta, Owner, Peptide Pros

With over 350 verified customer reviews and an average 5 star rating it’s safe to say Peptide Pros is one of the highest rated online suppliers of Peptides, Melanotan 2 and Research Liquids…(Read entire press release HERE)